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About us

Helping Local Pastry Chefs Grow

Helping Pastry Chefs (4)-1

Who Are We

Pastry Peaks is an in-store and online option for local pastry chefs to generate more eyeballs and sales for their business.

Our market booth strategy generates high foot traffic in-store visibility. Online, we leverage powerful marketing tools to generate online traffic, customer lists, and orders for your pastry brand.

We offer referral incentives to pastry chefs who help us grow.

We also offer flexible options to work with us including consignment and very affordable ad packages.

Whether you are a well seasoned pastry chef looking to expand your reach or a blossoming rookie embarking on a new business venture - Pastry Peaks can help you generate more eyeballs and sales for your business.

Artistpreneurs Ink
Strategic Community Partner 

Artistpreneurs Ink (AI) is a boutique consulting firm focused on helping artists become better 'artistic entrepreneurs'.

We share AI's vision in helping artists build better empires because the world is a much better place when artists have more influence within their communities!

As part of our community initiative, Pastry Peaks and Artistpreneurs Ink will work closely to explore creative income generating opportunities with artists and artisans alike including: 
  • Network income
  • Referral income
  • Edible Merch
  • Strategic Partnerships

 If you would like to know more, please drop us a line. We will point you into the right direction 👍

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